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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in these lantern installations?

The wireframe is constructed using steel wires and pipes. Our team installs LED light bulbs/LED strips as the principal light source within the wireframe, which is then covered with silk material (most commonly satin silk). The installations then may also be painted to add more detail and color.

Are these lantern installations waterproof?

All electrical elements, including electric cables, switches, light bulbs, and tube lights, are waterproof with an IP65 rating.

What would happen to the installations in the event of strong winds?

Our lantern installations are designed to resist a minimum wind load of 6 degrees, and we take wind resistance into account when building each installation. Typically, our installations are set up in shaded or protected areas to reduce wind flow. For larger structures set up in open areas or with higher centers of gravity, we use ground anchor points and wire supports to secure them firmly. In extremely rare cases of severe weather, we may need to temporarily dismantle certain tall structures to prevent damage.

How long does the lantern installation walkthrough experience take?

To provide guests with the best possible experience, the lantern installations are arranged throughout the venue to form a trail. Based on our experience in creating these installations over the years, we have learned that the trail should not be too short or too long. For optimal value, we recommend arranging the trail to take guests between 40-60 minutes to walk through.

What are the main considerations for choosing an ideal location for these intallations?

The ideal site should have a natural environment with a lawn, trees, and other natural elements that complement the installations. Water elements, such as lakes, ponds or riversides can provide a reflecting surface for the lights, enhancing the nighttime experience and adding to the spectacle.

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