Our Services: Turn Key Solution Provider

HSIHO Illumination Entertainment is focused on delivering the most exceptional lantern experience to our client. When working with us, you are working with a competent partner that can be very flexible to your needs. Our team will make sure that your installation is designed, created, constructed, and even dismantled according to your needs, budget and planning.

Lantern Experience Design

Once you decide to bring in our lantern experience, our team will help you to identify locations in your park that is suitable to setting up the lanterns.
We listen and understand your vision, and brainstorm with you together to come up with some ideas that fits the venue, then we use our imagination to create the design that works well with your place, transform your place into a world of light.

Project Management

Our highly experienced project manager will handle the realisation of your who project on time and within budget. We keep you updated with everything you need to know, including the production updates, timeframe etc. Our world-class service guarantees that your project is designed, created, constructed, and even dismantled according to your needs and expectations.


Once the designs are approved by our client, we fabricate all the lanterns in our large production facility in Sichuan, China. The production processes include wireframe modelling, electronics, fabric covering and painting. The clients also receive photos of all the lanterns before the shipping. For first time lantern exhibitor, the client is also welcomed to our production facility for an inspection.

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Once the lanterns are ready at site, we send out a team to the venue to install and set up the lantern installation by the date you need it done. Our installation process is streamlined so that everything comes together perfectly on site.

Maintenance & Dismantling

If you are planing to run the event for a very long time, our team can do the maintenance for you. Once the event is ended, the client can choose whether to keep the lanterns for future exhibition or to recycle the lantern for good.


When the client plans to reuse the lanterns for next year event, we offer renovation to our client. A team of electricians, artists will be sent to client’s site for the renovation. The renovation process includes electrical inspection/repair, fabric replacement, colouring and reinstallation. After the renovation, the lanterns will look brand new.